Are you at Risk?

Are you at risk?

Diabetes rates have tripled in the past two decades and are expected to triple again in the next two decades.

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Are you at Risk?

Managing your diabetes

Diabetes can be a balancing act, but people with diabetes can live long, happy and healthy lives.

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Are you at Risk?

Why prevent diabetes in your family?

The consequences of diabetes are serious, but for many the risks of Type 2 can be lessened.

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NEWS January 12th 2018 - We recently heard the story of a beautiful young man with type one diabetes who asked his mum why he never got invited on play-dates or outings with his mates?  His mum contacted us and asked if we could help link families together so that her son and others did not have to ask 'why?'
Of course, we thought this was a GREAT idea and as a result, are very pleased to introduce the Diabetes Help Tauranga Youth Group Page run by Lena Fendley (Parent Committee).  The purpose of this page is to allow local WBOP families to link up with each other for social outings and general support outside of formal DHTY events.
This page does not give clinical advice or replace support from your usual healthcare provider.
Membership of this page is at the discretion of the editor. Visit: to request membership


Re:  New CareSens meters available from 1 February 2018


 From 1 February 2018 there will be 4 funded Caresens meters and their test strips, including the CareSens Dual testing for both blood glucose and ketones.

  From 1 August 2018, the CareSens II, Freestyle Optium/Neo and Accu-Chek Performa meters and their test strips will no longer be funded. People living with diabetes and using these meters will have six months from 1 February until 1 August 2018 to change their meters.  Most people will not have to change their meters.

 Most people needing to change their meters should be able to swap their meters over at their community pharmacy.  There is more information about this change on the PHARMAC website or via this document 'Will my meter change?'   If you have any further questions about this change, you can contact PHARMAC on or 0800 66 00 50 


People living with type two diabetes are invited to attend an award-winning diabetes program, the first of which is to be held at St Enoch’s Church Hall Tauranga, 9-4pm on Tuesday 23rd January 2018.  The DESMOND program, short for Diabetes Education Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed is delivered by Diabetes Help Tauranga educators who are trained to guide participants to take control over their own condition.

  “We are proud to launch this program” Debbie Cunliffe, Diabetes Nurse Educator and Manager at Diabetes Help Tauranga said. “Participants can expect to learn real life skills for managing diabetes across many areas such as food choices, physical activity and medications.”

 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic health condition in New Zealand and is set to become the number one burden of disease in New Zealand over the next 10 years. There are currently 241, 463 people known to have diabetes in New Zealand, 10, 391 of these are in the Bay of Plenty.

  The DESMOND program is the only evidence-based education program for people with type two diabetes in New Zealand which emphasises that, for the person with type two diabetes their most valuable health resource is themselves. There is evidence to show that better self-management of diabetes can result in significant and sustained weight loss, increased physical activity and improved well-being.

  For further information, or to enrol on DESMOND program in 2018 contact or ring the Diabetes Help Tauranga INFOline on 07 571 3422